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Nasal Allergies Specialist

Stuart Y. Min, MD -  - Allergist

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Stuart Y. Min, MD

Allergist located in Alhambra, CA & City of Industry, CA

Stuart Min, MD of the Min Allergy and Asthma Center provides testing and treatment for nasal allergies in the City of Industry and Alhambra, CA. If you or your family member suffers from nasal allergies, seek relief by considering immunotherapy. Learn more about how we treat nasal allergy sufferers in the San Gabriel Valley communities.

Nasal Allergies Q & A

What is the Cause of Nasal Allergies?

Nasal allergies can be caused by indoor or outdoor allergens. For those suffering from indoor allergens, this is known as allergic rhinitis or perennial allergies. These allergies are caused from dust, mold, pet dander, dust mites, or cockroaches. Outdoor allergies are typically associated with seasonal allergies. Also known as seasonal allergic rhinitis this type of allergy is triggered by tree pollen, flower pollen, grass, dirt, or other such offenders. You may also be suffering from a combination of different allergens. When these allergens trigger your nasal passages you are likely experiencing a runny or congested nose, as well as itchy and sore throat due to nasal drainage. Fortunately, we can treat the cause of nasal allergies for long term relief.

What are the Treatment Options for Nasal Allergies?

Treating nasal allergies begins with getting a skin prick test, specifically an environmental skin test. If you are suffering from allergies you can benefit from the comprehensive diagnosis of an allergy test. This will tell you exactly what you are allergic to so you can find the best treatment. In general, the treatments for nasal allergies begin with avoiding the allergen. However, for instances when you cannot avoid what is causing your allergy symptoms, the next plan is to treat those symptoms. Allergy medications including antihistamines and decongestants can be useful. Dr. Min also offers immunotherapy as a way to combat nasal allergies.

What is Immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy, also referred to as allergy shots, is the only treatment method that can actually help you overcome nasal allergies, long-term. By contrast, other common treatments, such as avoidance or medications, can only manage symptoms. Immunotherapy is a long-term, FDA-approved treatment that works similarly to vaccines. Small amounts of a particular allergen are injected into the patient gradually increasing doses, which enable them to develop immunity or tolerance to the allergen. This therapy can be life-changing for individuals prone to infections and viruses related to an immunodeficiency, as well as, those suffering from allergic rhinitis, allergic conjunctivitis, and stinging insect allergy, and even asthma.

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