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Itchy Eyes Specialist

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Stuart Y. Min, MD

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Redness and itchy eyes are common signs of an allergy, but it can also be the indicator of something more serious. Get tested for allergies to determine the cause of your itchy eyes. We offer services to help you here at the Min Allergy and Asthma Center in Alhambra and City of Industry, CA. Below are frequently asked patient questions and more information about itchy eyes.

Itchy Eyes Q & A

What is Causing My Red and Itchy Eyes?

Red, itchy eyes are the result of many factors. If you are suffering from bloodshot red eyes that appear suddenly or over time this could be caused by an allergy. Eye allergies are caused when your immune system produces antibodies to combat allergies. These antibodies release histamine and other allergy fighting substances. As a result your eyes become red and watery and it causes them to itch.

How can Allergy Testing Help Remedy My Itchy Eyes?

The first benefit of getting allergy testing for your itchy eyes, is to determine what you are allergic to. By identifying those substances that are causing you an allergic reaction, you can learn how to better manage the allergic response. Avoiding the allergens or taking medication to help control symptoms, can alleviate the response of your immune system. As a result you can avoid suffering from itchy eyes caused by an allergic reaction. Through allergy testing, you can also eliminate all allergens, in the instance that your red and itchy eyes are caused by something else, such as environment or stress.

Why Should I Choose Dr. Min for My Allergy Specialist in Alhambra and City of Industry, CA?

Dr. Stuart Min is a trained medical doctor who specializes in allergies and asthma in Alhambra and City of Industry. He offers a variety of skin prick tests including environmental skin testing, food allergy skin testing, and ImmunoCAP blood tests for allergies. This extensive testing is ideal for identifying allergens that are causing seasonal or chronic itchy eyes. By going to see an allergy and asthma doctor, you can finally end your red and itchy eye condition. For individuals who have become dependent on over the counter eye drops, this is a welcoming relief.

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