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Eczema Specialist

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Stuart Y. Min, MD

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Eczema is a chronic skin condition that often flares up when you least want it to. Discover how you can best treat your eczema through professional medical care. We offer eczema treatment in our Alhambra and City of Industry, CA offices at the Min Allergy and Asthma Center. Under the care of Dr. Stuart Min, you can find effective relief for your eczema. Learn more below in the frequently asked patient questions and information section.

Eczema Q & A

What is the Cause of Eczema?

Eczema or atopic dermatitis is a condition that causes red and itchy skin. Children are more likely to suffer from eczema, as well as individuals who have hay fever or asthma. While eczema cannot be cured it is treatable. The cause of eczema varies with the individual. However, certain factors increase the likelihood of a breakout. These include having bacteria blocking sweat glands on the skin, dry skin, or a gene variation. Some people suffer from eczema due to environmental conditions, while others have an immune system dysfunction.

What are the Most Common Symptoms of Eczema?

If you have eczema, symptoms may include severe itching in the area of the breakout. This escalates at night. Small bumps, sometimes oozing fluid, may pop up on the irritated skin. Some individuals get dry patches of skin, while others experience scaly and cracking skin. If you are prone to scratching the area with eczema, this can lead to swollen or sensitive skin. Certain conditions can make these symptoms more severe. These include stress, sweat, wool fabric, bacteria, certain soaps, and food allergies. By determining the cause of your eczema triggers, you can avoid a flare-up or at the very least, minimize your risk of breaking out severely.

How Does Dr. Min Treat Patients with Eczema in the City of Industry and Alhambra, CA?

Dr. Min treats eczema by starting with a diagnosis for those who live in and around the areas of Alhambra and City of Industry. This is done via environmental skin testing and other possible allergy tests. By testing your body for certain triggers, Dr. Min can help to reduce the risk of breakouts. He will also work with you to treat the allergy using various medications that lessen the symptoms of eczema. By going to an allergy and asthma specialist, you benefit from thorough analysis of the allergic conditions that could be irritating your skin.

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